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You can choose one of our 16 unique campaign types, giving you the flexibility to generate engagement for any product or service the world has to offer.
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Our marketplace displays all influencers looking forward to your chosen campaign type. Request up to 50 influencers simultaneously! Our carefully designed filter system ensures you effortlessly identify the perfect matches.
3. Start your campaign
Once your influencer pool responds to your request, it's time to proceed. Simply make your payment to kickstart your campaign. Each influencer will complete their tasks, post content on their social media, and update their status upon completion. Influencers receive payment only upon fulfilling all tasks; otherwise, you get a refund!
Simplified Influencer Marketing is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands and influencers directly. By offering predefined campaigns with clear tasks, we automate the process and minimizing unnecessary communication. Our platform simplifies the influencer marketing process from search to completion for brands, and enables influencers to easily find campaigns that align with their interests. Our goal is to make influencer marketing more efficient and user-friendly for all participants. targets two main groups: Firstly, brands looking to increase their reach and presence on social media, and secondly, influencers interested in offering their services in exchange for payment. The platform is ideal for companies of all sizes aiming to effectively reach their target audiences through social media channels. Simultaneously, it provides influencers from various sectors the opportunity to collaborate with brands and advance their careers in influencer marketing. acts as a bridge between these two worlds, offering straightforward and effective methods for forging successful partnerships. is characterized by a unique approach that enables communication-less influencer marketing, eliminating the need for direct communication between brands and influencers. Our detailed campaigns allow businesses of all sizes to engage in effective influencer marketing without getting bogged down in time-consuming conversations. This is particularly beneficial for small business owners who want to focus on their core business while engaging multiple influencers.

Large companies benefit from our platform through the ability to quickly and efficiently book a variety of influencers, including nano, micro and macro influencers at a low cost. This leads to an increase in brand reach and awareness.

For influencers, offers a simple, user-friendly interface and fully automated campaign management. The process is straightforward: they accept requests, wait for order confirmation, create their posts, confirm completed tasks and receive their payment. This system makes it easier for influencers to collaborate with brands efficiently and maximize their revenue without cumbersome coordination processes.

On we offer three different campaign types during our closed beta phase, which are specifically designed to achieve different marketing goals:

1. Boost Me: This campaign aims to spread your existing content far and wide. A typical example would be using it to introduce a new product trailer to a wide audience. It is ideal for generating attention and awareness for new products or promotions.

2. Reaction video: In this campaign, influencers create videos in which they react to your content, such as a product video or trailer. This method is particularly effective for showcasing authentic opinions and reactions to your product, thereby building a stronger connection with the target audience.

3. Survey: In this type of campaign, influencers create surveys on behalf of brands. An example would be to get the target group's opinion on a potential new product variant. This type of campaign is great for gaining direct feedback and insights into audience preferences.

Although we are currently starting with these three campaign types, we have already designed around 13 other campaign types that are in the final development phase. These will be introduced gradually in order to continuously expand the diversity and effectiveness of our marketing solutions. We place great importance on constantly improving and updating our campaigns to meet the evolving needs of brands and influencers.

Following the successful completion of the closed beta phase—during which we addressed all major bugs and intensively tested the platform—we will transition to the open beta phase. In this phase, brands and influencers will have the opportunity to register and begin using the platform immediately.

During the open beta, our primary focus will be on confirming the stability of the platform under real-world conditions. We do not plan to introduce new features in this phase; instead, our efforts will be dedicated to ensuring the reliability and performance of the existing system.

Once we are confident in the platform’s performance during the open beta, we will initiate the official launch phase. In this phase, we will gradually roll out new and exciting features. This period will be marked by continuous development and enhancements, as we will work tirelessly to expand and optimize the platform. Get ready for a series of groundbreaking features!

As a beta tester, there are no strict restrictions, but it is important to understand that the product is still in the testing phase. This means that bugs may occur and some features may not yet be fully developed. We would like to point out that the constant improvement of the product is our main concern and we are continuously working to optimize it. We thank you for your understanding and patience during this important phase.

As a participant in our closed beta phase, your feedback is invaluable. You have several opportunities to share your ideas and experiences with us. On the one hand, you can send us an email at any time in which you describe your impressions, suggestions or any problems. You can also use our social media channels to communicate directly with us and the community.

It is currently not possible to give an exact time frame. It depends on various factors, including the feedback we receive during the closed beta and the resulting adjustments we may need to make. The closed beta phase is a crucial testing phase for us, where we test every single feature of our product. Our goal is to ensure that we offer the public a product that not only works smoothly, but also meets user expectations in every way. During this phase, we collect valuable feedback from a limited user group to optimize the usability, performance and stability of our product.

In our current closed beta phase, we are accepting a limited number of influencers and customers. You can apply via the 'Apply as a brand' option on our website. Once your application has been accepted, we will contact you by email for further details. If you are not selected for the closed beta, don't worry: after this phase, we will launch an open beta where anyone can simply register and get started right away. is completely free to use, with no monthly usage fees. However, we charge a platform fee of 5% of the campaign value for each campaign started. This fee covers the costs of our secure payment method. Payments are securely processed through Stripe, ensuring that funds are only released to the influencer after a campaign is successfully completed. Due to the higher costs associated with this secure and complex payment method, we must charge a small platform fee to maintain this level of service. attaches great importance to security and trust. We offer you a high standard of security, especially with regard to payment transactions. In the event that an influencer does not provide the agreed service, we guarantee you a refund! also makes campaign planning easier with predefined campaign structures. These not only take a lot of work off your hands, but also help to ensure efficient and error-free campaign execution. We understand that time and resources are valuable and strive to provide our users with a reliable and effective platform. With, you can be assured of secure and professional campaign management.

The payment will be released within 14 days after confirmation by the customer for a successful campaign. Your balance will accumulate in the "Cash Out" area and can be transferred to your bank account with a simple click. To minimize Stripe fees, we recommend a payout when a significant amount is collected. If you have any questions, please contact our support team at

Our platform guarantees the implementation of campaigns without direct communication between influencer and client. This makes the process much easier and saves both sides time and effort. The structure of the campaigns and tasks is so well thought out that direct communication is not necessary. This allows you to concentrate fully on the creative implementation of the campaign without getting lost in unimportant details.

As a participant in our closed beta phase, you play a crucial role as an influencer. You are a member of an exclusive user group that has a direct influence on the development and improvement of our product. Your feedback is of particular value to us as it helps to optimize usability, performance and stability.